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 Brandon Grant 





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Brandon Grant is a charismatic, Cape Town-based indie folk singer-songwriter and live looping artist. As a songwriter and storyteller at heart, Brandon strives to create and release music that is authentic, vulnerable, and relatable. Following the success of his last two singles, Brandon has announced the release of his latest single, "Knowing," on June 28, 2024. As the title track of his anticipated debut album, "Knowing" offers listeners a deeper glimpse into Grant's unique storytelling and captivating musicality.

'I'm just a guy who thinks too much and writes about it...'


As a live performer, Brandon has had the pleasure of opening for prominent South African acts such as Jeremy Loops, Prime Circle, Matthew Mole, Shortstraw, Majozi, and Spoegwolf. He has honed his craft at countless events, clubs, and bars across the country and abroad. His performances are consistently vibrant, energetic, and always involve the use of his dynamic live-looping setup. This setup allows him to have full creative freedom on stage while creating his songs in the moment, giving the crowd the license to move their feet or lay back, relax, and enjoy authentic live music.

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